About Spring Stream

Edwin Alvarez, graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2006 and is NCCAOM and CCAOM certified. He utilizes a variety of styles, and modalities specified to the treatment needs. He has observed in Kyung Hee University's stroke clinic in Korea and has followed practitioners in Japan. He is studying Canonical Chinese Herbal Medicine from Arnaud Van Sluys, who has done great work world round in reviving Chinese Classical Medicine. You can reach him via email, which is most likely the best direct form to reach him info@springstream.org or call and most likely leave a message at 1-773-715-7985 to make an appointment.


$75 Consultation and Visit. Students and Senior Citizens $30 off.

$75 Weight-loss Consultation and Treatment.$250 package of 4 treatments.

$35 1/2 hour Smoking Cessation treatments $125 package of 4 treatments.

$35 Herbal and Nutritional Consultation with 1 weeks worth of Herbs

$12 refill of 1 weeks worth of Herbs


1020 W Leland Ave in Uptown

Mon 9am-2pm

Tues. 1pm-7pm

Wed 9am-2pm

Thurs. 1pm-7pm

Fri. 9am-2pm

Sat. 9am-3pm

We also have a Tru-Age scanner and Tru-Age products