Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM has been around for a thousand years. It has grown from tradition to tradition as holistic way of integrating man and nature. Originally derived from a model that Man is imbued with the movements of nature, he is a reflection of the changing the cosmos. Man should be seen as an integral part of nature, in relation with his environment. His health is a direct expression of this. Through diet and exercise, he should be able to maintain proper health, however, when when there is need, Chinese medicine has developed toward keeping this balance.

Acupuncture Treatments

Our treatments are individually tailor and consist of a personal health interview, pulse taking, tongue inspection, and some palpation techniques. Some orthopedic assessments may be done when needed such as strength testing, and range of motion and movement assessment. Each session depends on the individual with the first session usually lasting fifteen minutes longer for introduction. Sessions usually last an hour with the interview depending on the need.

What to expect?

We intend to allow you to have a twenty minute needle session with a following of adjunctive techniques. Most following sessions will last an hour. Majority of people who have received acupuncture describe the feeling as refreshing, calming and relieving. The needles that are used are filiformed vacuum sealed disposable. Each one has been individually tested by the manufacture according to safety guidelines. The needling sensation is quick and if at all feels like a quick prick. It is very light, and not at all painful. Needling is done at the skin surface level, and precautions are used to ensure safety. Most people are so relaxed, they fall asleep during their treatment.


In Chinese medicine herbs are used in formularies, instead of individually for treating symptoms. They were designed over thousands of years and developed to treat symptoms as well as disease, and root causes. They addressed the person a whole in order to rid the body of any pathogen and then to fortify the constitution. These formulas were made by using roots, stems, roots, and fruits, cooking and re-cooking them for periods of time to extract the necessary essences. We, however, save you this process by making available to you, pills, tinctures, and granules. Tea pills have been processed with honey as binder to easily digest. Tinctures are the herbs extracted with alcohol to then be taken with water. While granules are prepared decoctions then dehydrated in to powder to be taken with water later. These are all available to supplement your treatment.