Happy New Year and Happy New Me!

Right? Usually that is what we do every year, sober up finally from the year’s end partying and imagine ourselves into the best self that we can think of for the next couple months. January is the month with the most gym membership signups. People start elaborate diets and fasts to prepare their dream body. They pile on books and DIY manuals in stacks so as to start sharpening the faulty self into the uber self that they have always wanted. However, as the year progresses, most people do not continue to adopt their habits, diets, life-style mods, mind hacks, etc. They get lost along the way, fizzled out in aggression, inhibition, reality checks, finances, and the like. The difficulty in all this lies with the motivation. Dream body and dream mind don’t connect. Dream body isn’t strong enough, dream job doesn’t arrive, dream house can’t be bought with dream money. The excuses are many, the realities maybe too real. This is when we sit down with ourselves and give ourselves a good talking to. Where we can meet with our true self and see who we really are.

In order to see our “New Me”, we need to accept our “old me”. We cannot simply let go of old me and say “Bye. HASTA LA VISTA.” We have to come to grips with “old me” and welcome them into our core, and say thank you old friend for being with me for so long.

Old me has to adapt before he/she gets transformed. Old me has to get older. This is correct. Old me has to get more old. He/She needs to be taken care of so that new can begin and then grow up. This is why many time we run back into old habits or run out of steam when we amp ourselves up to become this new me. IT TAKES SO MUCH ENERGY TO IGNORE OLD ME.

Only when we accept old me can we then create realistic goals, a real sense of purpose, and a real sense of capability. With this we can build understanding, a deeper relationship, create authentic allowances where a tug and pull establishes a dynamic where energy can be foster to nurture an old to new me.

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